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Printmaking is a varied and all-inclusive medium. Students are introduced to a range of possibilities and directions and are encouraged to think of the medium as an ever-expanding mechanism for translating ideas and forging connections with other disciplines.

The curriculum includes beginning courses in Intaglio, Screenprint, Lithography, Relief and Letterpress. Students are expected to develop a good working knowledge of these mediums, which includes related digital and photographic process and the printing of small editions. Although projects are used to assist students in acquiring the necessary technical skills, emphasis is placed on the originality of the idea and its subsequent development. Towards the end of these classes students are encouraged to incorporate non-traditional techniques, materials or conceptual approaches. Students can take letterpress classes and related classes in the Book Arts program situated in the Marriott library.

Advanced Printmaking students are encouraged to develop a more individual and focused body of work, possibly utilizing a variety of print procedures or in combination with other media. No limits are seen as to what may or may not be a viable approach to printmaking; emphasis is placed on the research and development of ideas, realized with the techniques and materials appropriate to a particular project.

Although Printmaking students are required to take classes in Photography, Digital Imaging, Drawing/Drawing Installation, and Art History, there is the possibility of taking other classes such as Small Metals, Sculpture or Book Arts, and some students also take the Minor in the Arts Technology Program. Students have access to the Printshop 24/7. All students have access to the Metal Shop, Wood Shop and Laser Engraver during class and set open hours.

In recent years Printmaking graduates have been accepted to Graduate school at Arizona State University-Tempe, Washington University-St Louis, University of Oregon-Eugene, California State University-Long Beach, Rhode Island School of Design, Ohio University-Athens, Indiana University-Bloomington, Wichita State University and the University of Mississippi-Oxford.

Emphasis Area Requirements

Printmaking Emphasis
- Printmaking Minor

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* 2017 PaperWest. Regional Juried Works on Paper Exhibition. Images and info from the exhibition can be found here.
* 2015 PaperWest. Regional Juried Works on Paper Exhibition. Images and info from the exhibition can be found here.
* Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium. Images and videos from the 2013 symposium can be found under the menus to the right.