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Giving to the Department

Through the visual arts, we aspire to make a permanent home within our culture for art making, creative and critical thinking, and ultimately humanistic understanding.  I invite you to remember your first spark of passion that brought you to the arts. Maintaining a reputation of excellence in our department and realizing future dreams of our students requires securing a stable financial foundation for our core endeavor – providing scholarships and other opportunities that allow us to attract and nurture the most talented individuals. At the same time, the best art schools and art history programs enable the imaginations of their faculty and students to identify cutting edge practices and transformational opportunities that affect students. In addition to financial support for core activities, departments like ours therefore also need what might be called venture capital to invest in more daring undertakings. Such undertakings can include exploring new technologies, hosting experimental exhibitions, enhancing student travel programs, and funding interdisciplinary collaborations.

Our ambitions are high and focused on the needs of today as well as of the future. To realize them, we need your support. Annual gifts from alumni and friends of the visual arts have tremendous impact on the vitality of our department. Gifts of every size matter and directly support the needs of our students. Your annual support empowers our students to make a difference on campus, in our community, and in the world through their scholarship and their art.

It’s easy to make your gift online. Click the button on the left, then choose “Make Gift” for Art & Art History.