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Art History Minor

By minoring in Art History, you will develop foundational skills for a diverse range of professional and academic careers where critical thinking, cultural understanding, close looking, and effective communication are valued. Learn how visual objects and experiences intersect with cultural, historical, and social meaning, how the past relates to the present, and how the local connects to the global. Explore how visual communication and creativity operate in our everyday lives.

Arts Technology Minor & Certificate

Advances in digital and communication technologies have forged an entirely new area for artists and practitioners to create, display, and disseminate their work. Future success in many careers involves fluency with these digital communication and expression techniques. Courses in Fine Arts technology were conceived to create an academic environment that promotes an interdisciplinary ideal in arts computing.

Book Arts

Offering a unique setting for cross-disciplinary research, exploration, and production, the certificate, and minor allows students to take full advantage of the tremendous Book Arts facilities, equipment, faculty, and staff to experiment with new formats for visual communication, textual presentation, technological application, and conceptual development.


Ceramics Minor

The Ceramic Minor is offered to non-ceramic majors both in and out of the department. This exciting program is designed for those interested in taking their knowledge and skills to an intermediate and possibly advanced level. A minimum of 18 credit hours is all it takes to receive a minor in ceramics.

Photography Minor

Our photography minor goes beyond the simple role of photography as documentation. It aims to give students the conceptual tools to make (and look at) photographs critically and to be able to analyze their effectiveness as a means of visual communication and expression. This minor emphasizes creative problem solving that challenges student’s intellect and ingenuity.

Drawing Minor

The Drawing Minor benefits a broad student body by offering a focused study of drawing to students from across the University. The Drawing Minor has numerous possible applications within a diverse range of majors offered at the University of Utah.

Printmaking Minor

Students who sign up for the Printmaking Minor will gain an understanding of various Printmaking techniques that will enable them to explore ideas and create work that may influence and support the development of work in their major. As students become exposed to a variety of new techniques and approaches to image-making, ideas may develop that take their work in completely new directions.

Sculpture Intermedia Minor

Students graduating with a Sculpture Intermedia Minor will have a diverse skillset and the ability to apply this to their chosen career path. Many employers in the creative sector look favorably at applicants who have strong fabrication and three-dimensional design skills. The Minor is open to all students at the University of Utah pursuing a degree.