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Visiting Artists & Scholars


Emily Eliza Scott [Lecture]
Wuan-Gean Ho [Lecture]
Peter Pinnell [Lecture]
Shiva Nallaperumal
Angela Washko [Lecture]
Leo Espinosa [Lecture]
Stephen Berkman [Lecture]
Alexa Sand [Lecture]


Amy Cutler [Lecture]
Del Harrow
Maria Thereza Alves [Lecture]
Rick Griffith
Lisk Feng [Lecture]
Clarissa Tossin, Warnock Artist-in-Residence [Lecture]
Lisa Jarrett [Lecture] *Requires Unid login
Nathan Meltz [Lecture]
Daniel Campbell Blight
Charo Oquet [Lecture]

2020 - 2021

Brad Evan Taylor [Lecture]
John F. Simon Jr. [Lecture]
Jeannette Ehlers [Lecture]
Michelle Bowers [Lecture]
Ilana Harris-Babou [Lecture]
Julien Bismuth [Lecture]
Reinaldo Gil Zambrano [Lecture]
Dushan Milic [Lecture]
Amy Franceschini of Futurefarmers [Lecture]
Sarah Tortora [Lecture]
Jennifer Printz [Lecture]
Paul Mpagi Sepuya [Lecture]

2019 - 2020

Shaye Remba [Lecture]
Amy Irvine [Lecture]
Ashley Eliza Williams
Erik Brandt
Carmen Winant [Lecture]
Bryan Czibesz [Lecture]
Kei Ito, Warnock Artist in Residence [Lecture]
Tanya Softić [Lecture]

2018 - 2019

Kukuli Velarde [Lecture]
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Shasta Krueger
James Perrin [Lecture]
Stephanie Hunder [Lecture]
Gülru Çakmak [Lecture]
Mark Anderson

2017 - 2018

Yan Xing
Lori Nelson, Distinguished Alumni [Lecture]
Lindsay Oesterritter
Wade MacDonald [Lecture]
Eva & Franco Mattes, Warnock Artists-in-Residence [Lecture]
Sue Tirrell [Lecture]
Aaron Coleman [Lecture]
Gavin Kroeber [Lecture]
Flinching Eye Collective [Lecture]
Adela Goldbard [Lecture]

2016 - 2017

Riley Cran
Sunshine Cobb
Mrinalini Tankha [Lecture]
Andrew Scott Ross [Lecture]
Bridget Moser [Lecture]
Cheryl Pope [Lecture]
Art Werger [Lecture]
Camille Utterback [Lecture]
Richard Noyce [Lecture]
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer [Lecture]

2015 - 2016

Michael Mabry, Distinguished Alumni
Shelby Shadwell
Binh Danh [Lecture]
Dawn Stoppiello
Nicole Pietrantoni [Lecture]
Octavio Campos [Lecture] [Workshop & Happening]
Yoshua Okón [Lecture]
Ellen Lupton [Lecture]
Mark Brest van Kempen, Warnock Artist in Residence [Lecture]
Andy Nasisse, Artist in Residence, Summer 2016

2014 - 2015

Spencer Charles
Christine Panushka, Distinguished Alumni
Tony Feher
Juliet Bellows
Regina Jose Galindo
James Coupe
Barbara London [Lecture]
Gülru Çakmak
Trent Call
Ruby Chacon
Kevin Snipes
Richard Garet

2013 - 2014

Harry Gamboa Jr.
Tom Antista & Tom Flairclough, Distinguished Alumni
Miguel Luciano
Alfredo Jaar
Lesley Dill
Julie Mehretu [Lecture]
Hal Foster
Jesse Lerner
Steven Young Lee
Jason Briggs
J. Morgan Puett, Warnock Artist in Residence [Lecture]

2012 - 2013

Bruce Lindsey, Distinguished Alumni
Kirsten Swenson
Stuart Shills
Dawn O'Dell
Miranda Wright, from the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts
William Kiddell

2011 - 2012

Laylah Ali
Gajin Fujita
Rick Valicenti
Brett van Hoesen
Susan Beiner
Olivia Gude
Charles Loving, Distinguished Alumni
Dale Presne
Jason Walker
Lee Sommers
Bradley Borthwick
Mark Koven
Andrea Bowers, Warnock Artist in Residence

2010 - 2011

Arlene Goldbard
Chakaia Booker
Alexander Potts
Clive King
Angela Ellsworth
Richard Winn Taylor, Distinguished Alumni
Kathryn Moore
Sarah Gross
Deborah Quick
Amy Powell
Misty Gamble
Minerva Eva
Takashi Cuevas

2009 - 2010

Sue Coe
Tom Huck
Tania Bruguera
Kato Takahiko
Trevor Paglen
Edgar Arceneaux
Mario Naves, Distinguished Alumni
Meridith Pingree
Monique Mayer
Daniel Murphy
De-Nin Lee
Namiko Kunimoto
Ernesto Pujol, Warnock Artist in Residence

2008 - 2009

McCallum & Tarry
Marilyn Arsem
Michael Wright
Monica Mayers
Martin Venezky
Ken Little, Distinguished Alumni

2007 - 2008

Barry McGee [Lecture]
Bill Viola