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Course Substitution

BFA and BA students in the Department of Art & Art History may request to have equivalent University of Utah courses substitute for degree requirements.

If you are seeking transfer credit from another institution, see the Transfer Credit page.

It is preferred that students receive pre-approval for courses they are looking to have substituted. Students must submit course substitution requests within one semester of completing the course. Failure to do so may affect the student’s graduation timeline.

Course Substitution Request Process

  1. Meet with a CFA advisor.
  2. Complete a Curriculum Exception form and submit to and cc:
  3. After the Curriculum Exception Form is submitted, a portfolio may be requested for certain studio courses.  A portfolio should only be submitted if requested. Instructions for submitting the portfolio will be given at that time.
  4. If a portfolio was submitted, faculty will comment on the portfolio review form with any approved substitutions. The Art & Art History office will notify you of the outcome of the portfolio review, and a CFA academic advisor will fix your degree audit with any approved substitutions.

While we encourage students to communicate with faculty about educational goals and options, faculty cannot verbally approve curriculum exceptions or course substitutions.