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MFA in Community-Based Art Education


The MFA in Community-Based Art Education is an individualized degree intended for artists, art educators, and other arts professionals who want to become teaching artists and cultural workers.  The degree will enable graduates to develop, teach, and facilitate visual arts education programs in community organizations, museums, after-school programs, and other alternative sites.

It is a two-year terminal degree with a total of 60 credit hours.  The curriculum combines studio work, academic studies related to art education, and community-based art education collaborative experiences.  The requirements call for an MFA Exhibition or Project (on- or off-campus), Final Project Paper, and Final Oral Exam.

In addition to the emphasis in community-based art education, graduate students will specialize in one of the following studio areas:  Ceramics, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting/Drawing, Photography/Digital Imaging, Printmaking, and Sculpture Intermedia.

-PDF Handbook for Graduate Students

MFA Alumni

Reilly Jensen, 2022

Joshua Graham, 2019

Celine Downen, 2016

Sarah Moyer, 2008