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Visual Resources offers Art & Art History-related images for teaching and research, department photography and digitization services, and digital imaging and instructional technology assistance for the faculty and students of the Department of Art & Art History. Art documentation and image editing workshops are also offered.

Digital Collections

Department of Art & Art History Teaching & Research Image Database

        • Curriculum-based images for use in teaching, research, and learning. Projection-sized images are downloadable with embedded metadata.

Department of Art & Art History Photo Database

        • Images of student and faculty artwork, exhibitions and department events.

MFA Thesis Papers Collection

Art History MA Projects

Campus Resources

Art Documentation Workshops for Scholarships

Need help with documenting your artwork for scholarship applications? Sign up for 2D, 3D, and scanning workshops offered by Visual Resources!

These workshops will go over how to photograph your artwork with a basic setup in the Art & Art History Building or at home. No photo studio is required! Bring a piece of artwork to document, and a camera if you have one. There will be a department digital camera available for use as well.

Please check back later for further details.

Art Documentation Handout

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