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Illustration 1: Process ART 2450 | This course is designed to cover a range of topics in Illustration. Students will be introduced to the various paths they can take within illustration, including editorial, publishing, advertising, visual development, surface design, and fashion Illustration. The wide breadth of content in this course will reinforce critical aspects of the Illustration process, to include: conceptual thinking, expansive iteration, storytelling, and working within set project parameters.

Illustration 2: Narrative Approaches ART 3280 | In this course, students will deepen their engagement with source materials by learning to analyze writing, and draw out interesting stories from even the blandest text. The course will cover strategies for pulling themes and key information from text, and students will have opportunities to write and illustrate their own stories. Focusing on editorial, publishing, and advertisement markets, students will gain experience illustrating a wide variety of source materials including: journalistic articles, short fiction, children’s book prose, poetry, scientific journals, interpretive signage, and ad briefs