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Sculpture Intermedia

Sculpture Intermedia students leave with an understanding and ability to discuss contemporary art issues, a range of technical experience in traditional techniques and new media formats, a body of three-dimensional artwork, and the materials and methods needed to apply to your future as an artist.

Our faculty considers sculpture as an inclusive art form; our course of study emphasizes new media as well as traditional methods and processes.  Students work with traditional approaches to object making as well as utilizing computer, video, printmaking, book arts, and photography, as components in three-dimensional artwork.  Courses range from kinetics, small metals, metal fabrication, and wood shop techniques to environment/installation and computer applications.

An important strength of the area is the mentoring component and range of opportunities.  The central focus of the emphasis is your personal growth as an artist.  Through developmental studio investigations, aesthetic discussions, and training in techniques and process, we provide an environment that facilitates this growth.

Emphasis Requirements

Sculpture Intermedia Emphasis
- Sculpture Minor

Additional Information

- MFA Program
- Scholarships and Financial Aid


- Paul Stout - Area Head, ArtTech Mentor
- Wendy Wischer
- Moses Williams
- Naomi Marine - Foundations
- Martin Novak - Foundations

Banner Images: Bronze Pour, Alec Bang & Douglas Tolman, Inflatables Critiques, Fervor Exhibition, Lyra Zoë Smith