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Art Teaching Visiting Artists

Amy Franceschini lecture
Amy Franceschini on Zoom
Visiting Artist Olivia Gude
Tim Rollins visit
Tim Rollins visit

Amy Franceschini of FutureFarmers - Zoom Lecture, 2021

Olivia Gude - Workshop, 2013

Lily Yeh - Lecture and mural workshop for University art students, with University Neighborhood Partners, 2011

Tim Rollins - Lecture & Workshop, 2010

Arlene Goldbard - Lecture: “Why America Needs Artists (It’s Not What You Think),” and a workshop on “The Ethics and Values of Community Arts Practice,” 2010

Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry - Lecture, 2009

Judith Baca - Lecture & screening of “The World of Art: Judy Baca,” and murl workshop, 2004

Miranda Wright, Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts

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