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Ceramics Minor


The Ceramic Minor is offered to non-ceramic majors both in and out of the department. This exciting program is designed for those interested in taking their knowledge and skills to an intermediate and possibly advanced level. A minimum 18 credit hours is all it takes to receive a minor in ceramics. Courses available to minors are: Wheel and Hand Building I & II, Intermediate Ceramics, Ceramic Surfaces, Glaze Calculation, Low-fire Ceramics and Special Topics. Extracurricular events offered to minors are: wood and soda firings, visiting artist demonstrations and critics, participating in the Holiday Sale, CLAY Club events, and participating in the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA), held annually across the country. For more information please contact a Fine Arts Advisor or Ceramics Area Head Brian Snapp.



Students who intend to declare a minor must see a College of Fine Arts Advisor. The advisor will assist the student to track program requirements and will notify the Graduation Division at the time of graduation (minor) or completion of the coursework (certificate).