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Arts Technology Minor


Advances in digital and communication technologies have forged an entirely new area for artists and practitioners to create, display, and disseminate their work. Future success in many careers involves fluency with these digital communication and expression techniques. Courses in Arts technology (abbreviated as ARTX in the General Catalogue and online course schedule) were conceived to create an academic environment that promotes an interdisciplinary ideal in arts computing. ARTX classes are open to any undergraduate student admitted to the University. Students interested in digital technology as a creative tool or alternative medium of creative expression are best served by the certificate and/or interdisciplinary minor. Digital technologies are explored in the context of the fine and performing arts as an avenue to apply creative processes to other disciplines. Students learn the tools, techniques, and collaborative processes necessary to respond to a rapidly changing global world.


Both the certificate and the minor begin with an entry-level course, ARTX 2000, which introduces the student to technologies in the arts. The core coursework is made up of ARTX courses designed to explore a wide array of digital tools in a fine arts context. The final course for the minor and certificate is FA 4950, a capstone project class. The experience allows students to organize and synthesize knowledge and skills acquired in their major fields of study and in arts technology. The course prepares undergraduates for graduate work and professional workplace expectations and standards. It also serves as the culmination of the inquiry-based learning of earlier coursework in Fine Arts, broadening, deepening, and integrating the total experience of the field of study.

If interested in the minor or certificate, schedule an initial advising appointment with College of Fine Arts advisors. You may also email questions regarding the to the area head for Arts Technology, Lewis J. Crawford:

- Minor

- Certificate


Students who intend to declare a minor or to complete the certificate must see a College of Fine Arts Advisor. The advisor will assist the student to track program requirements and will notify the Graduation Division at the time of graduation (minor) or completion of the coursework (certificate).

Arts Technology Capstone Exhibitions