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Visiting Artists in Printmaking

When possible we invite artists to the Printmaking Area to give a public lecture and create a new edition of prints with the assistance of students. These visits give students valuable hands on experience and the opportunity to interact with the artists during the project. Other visiters to the Art & Art History Department have included Lesley Dill (2014), Dominic Thorburn (2013), Jill Fitterer (2012), Drive by Press (2010) and Sue Coe (2009). Click on the Visiting Artists and Scholars page for a complete list of those who have lectured in the department.

2019. Printmaking students assisted Stephanie Hunder create a new Gum-Bichromate and screenprint image. Stephanie also showed a variety of her prints and talked to a number of classes who came to the shop during her visit.

2018. Aaron Coleman created a new Lithograph and Screenprint with printmaking majors. Apart from a formal lecture, Aaron also taked to groups of Art students who visited the shop to see the print take shape and to see the range of prints and collages he brought with him.

2017. Art Werger did a presentation on color testing and mixing techniques, and printed a two-plate multi color etching with the assistance of students.

2016. Nicole Pietrantoni printed a Photo Litho/Screenprint with students.

2015. Trent Call created a series of 40 unique screenprints.

2014. Members of Copper Palate Press showed their work in the Gittins Gallery and also worked on a 20 x 8 ft collage printstallation during the exhibition.

2013. Humberto Saenz created 2 prints; a Lithograph and a Screenprint, with the assistance of students.

2010. Tom Huck created a new Lino cut that Print students editioned.

2005. John Hitchcock. Students were asked to think about notions of beauty, strategies of games and gather images that relate to memory, food, travel, and play. They used digital media in combination with other print media (screenprint, letterpress, relief, etc.) They worked collaboratively to scan, manipulate, and overprint their images during the week.

2005. Karla Hackenmiller printed a combined Lithograph and Etching with the assistance of Print Majors.

2002. Juergen Strunck and students.