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Transposing Attitudes. The 5th Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium.

Transposing Attitudes:  9th oct (evening) to 11 th Oct.  2019.

Registration Closed 4th October.
FREE for U of U students.

For a list of accepted panels, demos and portfolios please scroll down. Details in menu to the left.

Contemporary printmaking crosses many boundaries as it seeks to transform and realize a multitude of ideas. This symposium seeks to create a dialogue on the transformative nature of contemporary approaches to printmaking; through the exploration of new techniques, innovative directions and concepts, or the creation of new avenues of dissemination.

We invite proposals for panels, portfolios, demonstrations, and other projects that encompass contemporary printmaking practices, book arts, 3-dimensional works on paper and related fields.

Students and professionals are encouraged to submit proposals. RMPA promotes the inclusion of students and early career artists in its symposium programing.

Keynote Speakers:

Shaye Remba, Workshop Director, Mixografia Workshop.
Shaye Remba is the Director of the Mixografia Workshop in Los Angeles, CA.  Mixografia is somewhat unique in that it has developed techniques for creating 3 dimensional prints out of cast paper processes. As the Mixografia® printing technique has developed and evolved, it has been able to produce increasingly complex works of art that have come to redefine the category of “print.” The versatility of the Mixografia® prints allows artists greater conceptual possibilities, greater creative freedom and possibility.  Because of the quality and adaptability of the processes, the artist’s ideas are not constrained in the way they would be while working with a strictly two-dimensional medium.  Artists have the potential to think in an entirely innovative way with the option to render materials on a print on paper. Mixografia has produced over 600 unique editions by 89 artists and has exhibited pieces at institutions around the world including Staadliche Kunsthalle, Berlin; Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo, Lima; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid; Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City; Georgia Museum of Art, Athens and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Amy Irvine.
"Amy Irvine is a sixth-generation Utahan and long-time public lands activist. Her work has been published in Orion, Pacific Standard, High Desert Journal, Climbing, Triquarterly, and other publications. Her memoir, Trespass: Living at the Edge of the Promised Land, received the Orion Book Award, the Ellen Meloy Desert Writers Award, and Colorado Book Award. Her essay “Spectral Light,” was a finalist for the Pen Award in Journalism, and her recent essay, “Conflagrations: Motherhood, Madness and a Planet on Fire,” appeared among the 2017 Best American Essays list of Notables. Irvine teaches in the Mountainview Low-Residency MFA Program of Southern New Hampshire University, in the White Mountains of New England. She lives and writes off the grid in southwest Colorado, just spitting distance from her Utah homeland."

Symposium Info.
Print related Exhibitions will be held in several Salt Lake City Galleries.
These include: Art Access Gallery, God Hates Robots, Downtown Artists Collective, Gallery at Library Square (Salt Lake City Main Library), the George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Art Gallery, Salt Lake Community College (a juried student print exhibit) and Saltgrass Printmakers. There will be shuttles for a thursday evening Gallery Stroll.

The Gittins Gallery, in the Art and Art History Dept, will also be hosting PaperWest, the 2nd National Juried Works on Paper Exhibition.

We will also be hold an Open Portfolio event, Panels, Exchange Portfolios, Demos and other activities.

Although the Symposium finishes on the evening of the 11th, on Saturday 12th October, the main City Library will be hosting AltPress, and Andrew Rice will be organising Steamroller Printing.

More information on the Printmaking area at the University of Utah can be found at:

Info on the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah at:


Print as object, object as matrix, and the symbiotic collaborative relationship of the simultaneity of meaning and experience. Chair: Kristin Sarette
Living In the Shadow of Thomas, Georgia and Albert. Chairs: Cerese Vaden and Mark Ritchie.
Transposing Pedagogies. Chairs: Amy Nack and Jill AnnieMargaret.
Exploring Print. Abraham McCowan, Madeline Mackay, Yoshiko Shimino.

Screenprint Monoprints.  Christa Carlton.
Color Viscosity Printing. Candace Garlock.
Reuse, Recycle, Reuse. Lindi Shi and Lilla Szekely.
Best on a Letterpress: Type, Texture, Trash, and Take-Aways. Crane Giamo, Marnie Powers-Torrey and Amy Thompson.
Takin it to the Next Dimension: Letterpress for Sculptural Forms. Crane Giamo and Marnie Powers-Torrey.

Communities West 4.  Andrew Rice and Sukha Worob.
Transposing Pathways.   Summer Ventis.
From the Dance Hall to the Press: Contemporary Western Women.  Kathryn Maxwell.
Processual Abstraction.  Janet Marcavage.
Ooh, look what you made me do.  Lisa Turner.
Placed, Displaced. Tai Huesgan and Erin DiGiovanni.
Recto Verso. Eileen Macdonald and Matt Hopson-Walker.
Print Synergy. Organised Kylie Millward. and Katie Redd Hansen.

If you have a question please email us:

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