The Printmaking studio is located in a large, well-lit area with panoramic views of Salt Lake City and beyond.

Etching presses and general work area

Lithography area

Intaglio equipment includes an American French Tool Press, 36” x 60” and a Printmaker Company electric press, 42” x 60” (also used for Relief). The ventilated Ferric Chloride booths will accommodate etching baths, 34” x 45” and also features a ventilated plate cleaning area.
The Lithography area has one brand press, 46” x 24”, a Griffin press, 38” x 68”, a large stone grinding sink, a portable pneumatic lift, an aluminum bed for plates (49×36”) and a variety of Litho stones including 1 x (42×32”), 2 x (38×26”), 1 (30×21”), 1 x (28×21”) and other assorted sizes.

Lithography area

Pneumatic horizontal lift screen press

Inking area

Screen area

Screenprinting equipment includes a Para-Press pneumatic parallel lift press that accommodates screens up to 64” x 70”, two shop made vacuum presses, 40” x 48” and two shop made vacuum presses 38 x 32”. The washout area accommodates large screens and includes a 1700psi electric high-pressure washer. The darkroom contains a Millington glass vacuum table, 80” x 70”, for exposing plates and screen frames, a drying cabinet and a 1000w metal halide exposing unit. Shop Screen frames include; 1 x (68×60”), 1 x (62×50”), 4 x (46×36”), 4 x (44×32”) and multiple Shop screens (36 x 32″). Students have their own screen at 36 x 32”.General Printshop equipment also includes: An Epson 9800 printer, brayers, two vent hoods, a vented booth for spray paint or airbrush, cupboards and flat files for storage of student work, 4 drying racks, a range of rollers from 4” to 10” in diameter and an electric kettle. More Printshop images below.

Exposing area

Etching vent hoods & Ferric Chloride

Screen washout booth

Epson 9800 printer