2nd Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium. Oct’ 2013.

Public Gestures.    17-19 October, 2013.

RMPA_FrontThe Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance was initiated by Associate Professor Jill Fitterer, Boise State University, and the first symposium was held at Boise in 2011. We are indebted to Jill for creating a new forum for discourse in the Greater Mountain West, and we hope this symposium continued to facilitate the exchange of ideas and projects that she started.

Symposium Theme.
Printmaking has a long history of producing cultural artifacts that comment on societal issues and concerns. This project brings this to the forefront by organizing a symposium to exhibit and discuss contemporary works and techniques that explore the role of Printmedia in this dialogue, whether used directly as part of an event, as a means of commentary or satire, or as a way to engage others in its creation. Particular topics may include but are not limited to; Community Engagement; Political Discourse; the Environment; Animal Rights; Privacy; Healthcare; Communication Technologies; Globalisation; Education; Cultural Concerns; Historical Precedents; the influence of the individual in promoting action and also the range of obstructions that may restrict action. These topics may be local, national or international in scope.

Events planned as part of the 2 day symposium included invited speakers, a juried exhibition in the Gittins Gallery, panels, printmaking demonstrations, themed portfolio exhibitions, a Book Arts Program exhibition and demonstration, an open portfolio event and a symposium exchange portfolio. The symposium coincided with the Salt Lake City Gallery Stroll and several galleries hosted connected exhibitions. Two local Printshops, Saltgrass Printmakers and Copper Palate Press also hosted events/exhibitions.

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Organizing Committee: Edward Bateman, Erik Brunvand, Alison Denyer, Justin Diggle, Stefanie Dykes and Marnie Powers-Torrey (Marnie also organized the College Book Art Association Conference that was held at the university in January 2014).

Contact: rmpasymposium2@gmail.com