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Photo/Digital Imaging Capstone Exhibition: Araceli Haslam

Araceli Haslam

Araceli Haslam - Left Lonely

These urban ruins were originally built in response to the post-industrial boom and now pose as capitalistic artifacts as they rot into the ground. The painful colonial ambitions of prosperity are forever locked away in the deteriorating structures. By capturing these buildings in their demise, we see the parody of the ‘White American Dream’. The hurtful actions of enforcing a dystopian ideology have resulted in exploits that ended without meaning. This may be evidence that we are in the final stages of capitalism and like us, our spaces will be left with nothing, will be left lonely.

Concrete Plant, Araceli Haslam

Department Store, Araceli Haslam

Home, Araceli Haslam

Ed's Place, Araceli Haslam

Motel, Araceli Haslam

Installation Photos