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Art Opportunities Submissions

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Website Art Opportunity Submission Policies
1. Members of the University community and their organizations may submit to post signs, notices and posters for meetings or events, calls for work, lectures, exhibitions, etc. on the department website. The department may adopt reasonable time regulations limiting the time for display, posts may expire after 30 days.
2. Job, internship, or volunteer postings will be reviewed by a designated faculty member in the appropriate program or area, or the department chair before posting.
3. Commercial and Non-University Community submissions will be reviewed by the webmasters, appropriate faculty, or department chair before posting. Posts may require edits or be denied, and may expire after 30 days. Subject matter must be relevant to the department and students, i.e. lectures, events, calls for work, exhibitions, etc.
4. Any person or organization shall be personally responsible for the content of any posts they sponsor or submit. By posting the sign, notice or poster, the person or organization agrees to hold the University harmless for any assessed damages or liabilities incurred as a result of the sign, notice or poster.
5. If you are interested in hosting a College of Fine Art student for an internship or job opportunity, please reach out to the Internship Coordinator directly at

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