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Honors Art, Action, & the Environment, Spring 2022

In spring semester, students in Professor Wendy Wischer's Honors Art, Action, & the Environment class explored art, environmentalism and activism with research and art-making activities, a field trip to the Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa, and public Earth Day event.

U Save the Lake was held just before Earth Day on April 21, 2022 to bring awareness to the rapid shrinking of the Great Salt Lake located near Salt Lake City, Utah. The class's project focused on the diversion of the Bear River, the effects of the lake shrinking on snowpack and air quality, the immense scale of the proposed Inland Port and impactful legislation surrounding this issue.

The Great Salt Lake impacts many different aspects of life here in Salt Lake City and if this problem isn’t addressed, we will begin to see increased dust storms, less snowfall, and continue to lose precious habitat for the wildlife that inhabit and migrate through the lake and surrounding areas. Learn more at

This diverse team of students- with disciplines ranging from kinesthesiology to environmental studies- have been exploring the intersection between the arts and environmental action, learning how to bring awareness to their community about the drying of the Great Salt Lake in an engaging and creative way.

During the event, students shared information about the shrinking of the Great Salt Lake and encouraged a participatory experience with a unique game of cornhole where custom stickers were a reward for playing. There was an eye-opening sculpture about the loss of snowpack, a personal pledge for water conservation, and a petition to hold our local government accountable for minimizing the negative impacts of the currently-in-development inland port.

Artwork from Rio Mesa