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Wendy Wischer at Oolite Arts

Where Water and Rock Collide, Wendy Wischer

Sculpture Intermedia Professor Wendy Wischer shows her new video installation, Where Water and Rock Collide, in a group exhibition at Oolite Arts in Miami Beach. Curated by Rhonda Mitrani, this group show "presents works that reflect an ethereal sensibility toward nature. During a time when we were forced to stay home, away from public spaces and other people, the relationship between humans and nature shifted, causing a NATURAL TRANSCENDENCE, and a renewed sense of gratitude for the natural elements that surround us. Through video or photography, these artists provides a visual literacy in their artistic practice by embedding themselves in the landscape or becoming a silent observer, but together they reveal the critical importance of nature in the life of humans, specifically the spiritual, emotion, physical and mental health of human beings." The exhibition is on view until August 22, 2021.


Where Water and Rock Collide
Projected video, surround sound and faux rocks.
6’ x 4.5’ Single Channel, 27 minutes looped

This multi-media installation embodies a journey down the river. The specific river is not as important as its relationship with the rock that intervenes with her flow.

The story unfolds in a diary of sorts, a tale captured through notes of a journey both on and off the water while existing in a non-linear time frame. With a nod to historical field notes that described and defined the wonders of the natural world, places where people and the manmade are not the largest or most powerful objects in view, it also echoes the inner journey, the one that always accompanies the wanderer.

This installation reflects the mental and emotional response to the awe inspiring sublime of the river and muddles with memory and ponderings about the future.

All rivers, big and small, inside and outside of our bodies, share the same desire. To keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles attempt to divert.

-Wendy Wischer, 2021