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Wendy Wischer + Brenda Bowen at Granary Arts

Wendy Wischer
“Artist Wendy Wischer and Geoscientist Brenda Bowen explore the intersections between art and science within the lure of place. Bowen has studied the salt flats since 2013, aiming to advance understanding of how this extreme landscape reacts to changes in the environment. She works in collaboration with stakeholders such as land managers and the land speed racing community to help enable data-driven decision-making. Wischer began participating in field visits in 2018, creating works that respond to the complex and connecting threads of the salt flats, and our intricate relationships to land and place. Their collaboration tells a story that expands and unfolds with each work, weaving in and out of visual art and scientific data, while raising awareness of the Bonneville Salt Flats.”
Evaporated: Explorations in Art, Science, and Salt opens May 19 and runs through September 17 at Granary Arts in Ephraim.