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Professor Ed Bateman short listed for RGS Earth Photo Competition

HALF DOME IN WINTER NO. 3, 2021, EDWARD BATEMAN short listed for RGS EarthPhoto

Congratulations to Photography / Digital Imaging Professor Ed Bateman, who was short listed in the Royal Geographic Society EarthPhoto Competition!

His selected work, Half Dome in Winter No. 3, is part of his Yosemite: Seeking Sublime series.

Mountains and nature have long been places of peace and refuge. During this pandemic time of lockdown and quarantine, they have been denied to us. There are few emotions about places for which adequate single words exist. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the word sublime arose to describe the feelings that the natural world can evoke.

On my kitchen table, I have been photographing the grandeur of Yosemite National Park, long immortalized by photographers from Carleton Watkins to Ansel Adams. Using geographical data from the internet, I used my 3D printer to try to capture something of the sublime in bits of plastic. With clouds from a small fog machine, I create atmospheric perspective.

This will have to do until we are once again allowed to travel freely. Until that time, I will continue to explore this (now) imaginary landscape.

-Edward Bateman, October 2020

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