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Want a Mural?

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Getting Started

Painting a mural can be a big undertaking, and in order to get one painted on your business there are certain conditions that must be met. Many businesses send requests to Kim Martinez asking for murals to be painted on their buildings. In order for any of these proposals to be considered, the mural must be beneficial to both the community and the students. For more information, contact Professor Kim Martinez.


While these murals benefit everyone that participates, Kim Martinez strongly believes that all artists need to be compensated for their art, and this is no different. Participating students are getting college credit for their paintings so they cannot be paid directly, but at the end of the year Kim takes the money earned and uses it to take the class on a trip to see art in other locations. Students have been to Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in past years. That being said, there is no set price for the paintings and it can vary depending on the size, location, and subject of the painting. Please contact Kim Martinez to discuss specifics for your site.