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MFA Exhibition: Kylie Millward, Scribbling Outside the Margins

Kylie Millward MFA

We're pleased to present Kylie Millward's MFA Exhibition Scribbling Outside the Margins

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Millward's Artist's Talk took place Friday, May 15, at 6pm via Zoom.

Please watch the event via YouTube.

"Because of gender inequality, women grow up with toxic ideas about themselves. Our culture forces women to fit within narrow categories, and this massive pressure to conform leads to feelings of shame, depression, and even self-destructive behavior.

Although I recognize the issues clearly, I personally still struggle with the pressures to remain within the confines of societal margins. With the application of humor, educational devices, and the accessible nature of mediums such as colored pencil, animation, and plush toys, my work confronts the unrealistic expectations placed upon women and our power to overcome.

Our society is in dire need of a positive narrative that will empower females to know of their endless strength and capacity, which will inherently improve the quality of life for future generations to come."