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Faculty News, Winter 2022

Marnie Powers-Torrey, Everything Has A Language

A few recent faculty accomplishments to be celebrated!

Al Denyer (Painting & Drawing) is currently being shown in Compulsory Measures group exhibition at The Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, VA.

Kim Martinez (Painting & Drawing) & Beth Krensky (Art Teaching) are in the group exhibition NEW DIRECTIONS at Novi Hram (The New Temple) at the XXXVIII International Winter Festival Sarajevo. Running February 7 - March 21, 2022, NEW DIRECTIONS is an exhibition that speaks to a new era, one which struggles to learn to live with COVID-19. The exhibition addresses artists’ concerns as they meet the challenge of a world which navigates the medical and political complexities of a pandemic. Every country has been overwhelmed with friends and neighbors dying from coronavirus. Moreover, a BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement has arisen in the United States as hate is ever present in American society. We have been in human hibernation, remaining home-bound, fearful of contracting the virus.

Justin Diggle (Printmaking) shows his work Invasive Aquatic Surveillance Bio-Drone in the exhibition "The Fierce Urgency of Now: Socially Engaged Printmaking", juried by Aaron S. Coleman at the Janet Turner Print Museum in Chico, CA.

Marnie Powers-Torrey (Book Arts) is presenting the paper Opening Artists' Books: Toward a Common Vocabulary at Digital Humanities Utah Symposium 6, Feb. 25 & 26.

Michelle Peterein (Graphic Design) has a solo exhibition titled Spaces In Outside Of And Between at the Olive Deluce Gallery in the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Northwest Missouri State University on view through February 11, 2022.

Edward Bateman (Photography Digital Imaging) has been invited by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (The New Library of Alexandria) to exhibit at the 15th anniversary of their exhibition: Agenda 2022. He is also associate editor for a new edition (fourth) of Seizing the Light - a history of photography textbook published by Routledge. Out this month, the Western Humanities Review, the U of U Literary journal, will be featuring Bateman's visual work on the cover and in its pages along with an essay. Finally, he has been invited to speak to a History of Photography class at UNLV in March.

Image: Marnie Powers-Torrey, Everything Has A Language