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Breakfast Art: An International Exchange Project

Breakfast Art

We invite students to respond to the theme of 'Breakfast', and create size 8x8" artworks that are easily mailable.

About the theme:

As the first and most important meal of the day, we are interested in examining the differences of what Breakfast is to an individual. Between the US and the UK, there are many similar breakfast foods, yet they are often prepared differently. Similarly, within the same country, breakfast traditions will vary greatly from region to region.

This project aims to examine both the differences and similarities of breakfast as well as create a creative platform for dialog and discovery.


- Any 2D media
- Strictly 8" x 8"
- Art majors and mibors only
- Work will be displayed in the Art & Art History Building, as well as mailed to the UK to be exhibited. (no wet or sticky work, or work that will be damaged when stacked)

Deadline: November 2, 2021

Please turn in work to ART 161, and fill out the required information form. The organizers reserve the right not to display works.


Contact Al Denyer at, Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing, or ask in the Painting and Drawing Club's Discord.