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Art Teaching Faculty Josh Graham wins Emerging Scholar Award

Josh Graham at Educators Night at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Art Teaching Assistant Professor Josh Graham won an Emerging Scholar Award at the 18th International Conference on the Arts in Society, an international conference hosted in Kraków, Poland, where he gave a virtual presentation. For each conference, a small number of Emerging Scholar Awards are given to outstanding graduate students and emerging scholars who have an active research interest in the conference themes. Emerging Scholars perform a critical role in the conference by chairing the parallel sessions, providing technical assistance in the sessions, and presenting their own research papers. This year's conference, New Aesthetic Expressions, focused on the social role of art.

Graham presented a body of research about museum education that is scheduled to be published later this year in the Journal of Museum Education. The presentation highlighted the art educational possibilities when contemporary art museums collaborate with artist/educators and institutions of higher education.

Josh Graham Emerging Scholar at the 18th International Conference on the Arts in Society