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Photography & Digital Imaging Facilities

The photography facilities are equipped with traditional black and white and alternative process darkrooms, digital labs, a professional lighting studio, and a print finishing area.  Students work in a wide range of media including black-and-white, color, and positive film, silver and alternative processes, digital imaging, and video. The digital imaging labs include editing workstations with color-calibrated Mac monitors, large format flatbed film scanners, professional digital printers, and a large format printer with output up to 44” wide. Equipment check-out is available for intermediate, advanced, and graduate students, including medium format film cameras, 4x5 view cameras, medium format digital systems (Fuji GFX100) with 4x5 attachments, strobe, LED, and speedlite kits, and modifiers. The black-and-white darkroom has 10 enlargers with facilities for film development and cyanotypes, gum bichromate prints, and other historic processes. Additionally, there is a lighting studio with high-end strobe systems, lighting modifiers, and backdrops as well as medium format, large format, and digital camera access.