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Sara Serratos’ GODALUPE selected for F&MAD Spring Showcase

GODALUPE, Sara Serratos

GODALUPE, a short film by MFA student Sara Serratos, has been selected for the Silent Theater program at the F&MAD Spring Showcase. The festival takes place Sunday, May 7, at 5pm in the FMAB Auditorium at the University of Utah. The event kicks off with the Silent Theater program at 5:15, which features films that explore human connections and invite introspection and meditation.

Godalupe is a journey through the magical world of the Mayan lands, which allows the character to get out of her everyday life and have a change. On her journey through these places and upon meeting her origins, she has a kind of transformation by acquiring a series of powers; the trip culminates with the purifying water from a cenote that turns her into a goddess.

This work is also shown in Sara's MFA exhibition, Who Sustains Our Tables?, in Gittins Gallery, which closes Friday, May 5.