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Featured Faculty: Jaclyn Wright

Jaclyn Wright

Jaclyn Wright is an Assistant Professor of Photography in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Utah. She received the 2023 Utah Visual Arts Fellowship and was a finalist for the 2023 Aperture Prize. Wright recently received the inaugural Unseen Amsterdam and GOST Books publishing award. Her monograph, High Visibility (Blaze Orange), will be released at Unseen Amsterdam in September 2023. She currently has work in Between Life and Land: Identity at Kimball Art Center (Park City, UT) and has an upcoming solo exhibition at Filter Space (Chicago, IL).

Focusing on the landscape of Utah’s West Desert, Wright scrutinizes the medium of photography and its role in the glorification of nature and its systemization by the US government. In recent work, Wright has used original images and archival photographs, maps, and diagrams to explore how photography has historically been mobilized in justifications of land use and settler colonial practices that systematically exclude and under resource communities based on race, sex, and class.