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Capstone Exhibition: E.C. Comstock

Comstock Capstone

“A Balmy Elsewhere: Restorative Materialisms” takes its title in part from Bill Brown’s “Thing Theory,” which poses and answers the question, why not let things alone? Let them rest somewhere, in a balmy elsewhere, away from the anxieties and ambiguities of theory? This show attempts to enter this place, where the immediacy, tactility, and sensuousness of the materials override the disquietude of thought coming from new materialism, speculative realism, and actor-network theory that paradoxically justify the work and the agency it grants to non-human things. This is a tender offering in the hopes that encounter with ceramic and intermedia objects will allow for a moment of dissolution of self, stepping into a shared space with matter.

Stop by Studio Elevn on Friday, April 22, 6-9pm to see Comstock’s senior exhibition, located at 435 W 400 S, Suite 304.