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BFA Student Adah Bennion awarded Rolapp Scholarship

Adah Bennion

Congratulations to Adah Lee Bennion, the 2023 Rolapp award recipient.  The Rolapp Committee, in collaboration with the Rolapp family, is unanimous in awarding Adah. We find Adah’s work to be ambitious in scale and execution, conceptually timely, and well crafted.  She describes her practice as “tactile exploration, processes and rituals of repeating motions, self-exploration through material relationships, and research”. Adah’s artwork combines contemporary art and craft-based fiber arts, a combination she describes as seeking to “corrupt the loadbearing matrix columns that uphold our inherited hierarchy of value, while probing at the meaning of tradition in the TikTok era.” The committee recognizes Adah for her remarkable art-work and strong portfolio. 

The Rolapp Committee sincerely hopes that the Rolapp Award will provide Adah with well-deserved recognition and motivate her to continue creating outstanding artwork as she transitions into her MFA studies.