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Permission Numbers

Class Information

The Class # (green outline) is unique to each section and can be either four or five digits long. This number should not be confused with the Catalog # (red outline) which is always four digits long.

(green outline)
(yellow outline) The following designations are for declared MINORS only: BART, CERM, DRAW, PHOTO, PRINT, SCLPT
(red outline)
(blue outline)
This request is for *

Student Information

NOTE: Permission numbers are not for non-major classes or for classes that have the wait list functionality unless the reason for the request is listed below. Visit for more information about Wait Listing.

Please enter your first name
Please enter your last name
your uNID (8 characters, starting with a lowercase 'u')
Please enter your U of U email address (permission codes will be sent to this address)
Please enter your declared major
Please enter your declared minor. Enter N/A if you don't have a minor.
If your reason is not listed, or if you have questions, please call 801-581-8677. Thank you.