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All on display in the Art & Art History Building, 2nd floor near the Printshop.

Symposium Exchange Portfolio.
Theme: Public Gestures.  Edition Size: 11. Size 11 x 14 inches. Free.
Please bring the portfolio for drop off either Thursday evening or Friday morning in the Art & Art History Dept foyer. This will be exhibited in the Printshop Rm. 252.

TokenGesture257 copy‘A Token Gesture’
Organiser: Stefanie Dykes, Saltgrass Printmakers, Salt Lake City, UT
Gestures done for the sake of appearance are called ‘token gestures.’ The artists participating in this portfolio were asked to design a token based on a contemporary issue (financial, environmental, socio or political, etc.).

More than an individual occurrence of a symbol, tokens are cultural objects that carry with them a history of colonialism, exploitation and modern consumerism.  Specific trade tokens were often designed and given to placate employees, persuade voting populace or entice customers to purchase merchandise. As an exchange for goods and services, trade tokens (wooden nickels, hard-times tokens) were coin-like objects used instead of currency. While many were used in trade, they were also produced for advertising and political purposes. The tokens were often used during times of political and financial crisis. The token was in effect a pledge redeemable in goods.

‘A Token Gesture’ portfolio was designed as an open call project utilizing social media and personal contacts to create a diverse pool of artists. The portfolio includes laser cut and hand crafted relief prints.  Each artist was asked to create two relief prints (size:  24” or 18” diameter) printed on a 26” x 26” paper size. In trade, I produced a “Pocket Collector’s Edition” one for each participant.   ‘A Token Gesture’ was exhibited at the IMPACT8 Conference in Dundee, Scotland, 2013.

Participating artists: John Andrews, Edward Bateman, Joey Behrens, Annastasia Copeland-Rynders, Lewis J. Crawford, Josh Dannin, Jesus De La Rosa, Emily Dziuk, Stefanie Dykes, Amy Fleming, Anna Hansen, Travis Janssen, Matty Kleinberg,  Adam Larsen, Tim Lee, Nick Mendoza, Adam Montoya, Jared Nielsen, Derek Perry, Nicole Pietrantoni, Curtis Readel, Andrew Rice, Julian Sagers, Anne-Berit Sheppard, Tia Sheppard, Brian Snapp and Brian Taylor. 

ArizonaBill1070 work by Mary Hood copy
Mary Hood.

Arizona Immigration Bill 1070 Print Portfolio.
Organiser: Rossitza Todorova (MFA, Arizona State University).

Immigration is a major topic in today’s political landscape. Concerns about security and the economy have created a polarization of the immigration debate. Argument on illegal immigration and how it is encouraged, discouraged and enforced within the United States has been reignited with the signing of Arizona Bill SB1070 into Law.
 The Arizona Immigration Bill SB1070 print portfolio, explores the Arizona immigration law, its implications, reasons and future affects on the state of Arizona as well as its immigrant populations both legal and illegal.
 The debate on immigration is difficult to navigate. It is often presented as a simple black and white topic, however, the reality of its undercurrents are deep and complex. Many of the artists included in the portfolio are immigrants, come from immigrant families or live in communities affected by current immigration. Their point of view provides a rich discussion of this difficult and dividing topic. The artwork included gives light to motivations and barriers usually ignored by mass media. 
Comprised of 17 artists living throughout Arizona, California and Nevada the artwork in the portfolio is a unique look at how immigration affects the border states as well as the nation as a whole.

Participants: May Hariri Aboutaam (San Ramon, CA), Megan Berner (Reno, NV), Elizabeth Blau (Las Vegas, NV), Mary Hood (Tempe, AZ), Lauren Kinney (Tempe, AZ), Marlys Kubicek (Phoenix, AZ), M. Gabriela Munoz (Tempe, AZ), Candace Nicol (Reno, NV), Rachel Nore (Tempe, AZ), Kathryn Polk (Tucson, AZ), Andrew Polk (Tucson, AZ), Alfred Quiroz (Tucson, AZ), Catherine Ruane (Phoenix, AZ), M. Jenea Sanchez (Tempe, AZ), Rossitza Todorova (Tempe, AZ), Patrick Vincent (Tempe, AZ), Wendy Willis (Phoenix, AZ).

Public Gestures Portfolio from Wingtip Press and Swansea Printmakers.
Organiser: Amy Nack, Director of Wingtip Press, Boise, ID.

Wingtip Press, Idaho and Swansea Print Workshop, Wales have facilitated an international collaboration of artist/printmakers to work together via an Internet group to develop a themed portfolio for this symposium, using the technique of 3-colour reduction monotype, producing unique pieces exploring the cultural similarities and differences between two very diverse parts of the world.

In submitting a themed portfolio of monotypes, Wingtip and Swansea Print Workshops recognize that this process crosses the traditional boundaries between printmaking and drawing/painting; between graphic and fine art; between multiples and unique images.  We are conducting an international collaboration on two continents via the Internet, facilitating a 21stcentury way of working across geographic and cultural boundaries. Our collaboration explores our cultural differences and similarities and our individual and collective interpretation of the theme, “Public Gestures” through the use of one single, unique image and the role played by the tradition of writing the title on the face of the artwork, engaging the public in an interplay of visual and textual interpretation.

Participants: (Wingtip Press participants). Mary Donato (Boise, ID), Lisa Flowers (Boise, ID),Tyler Hackett (Salt Lake City, UT), Karl LeClair (Boise, ID), Cassandra Schiffler (Boise, ID), Gale Everett Stahlke (Albany, OR). (Swansea Printmakers participants). Lynne Bebb, Rose Davies, Jane Jones, Hanna Lawson, Jenny Mynnett, Gayle Rogers, Kara Seaman and Chris Williams.

Kathryn Polk
Kathryn Polk.

Women of the West Portfolio.
Organizers: Lisette Chavez and Nyla Hurley (MFA Candidates, University of Arizona).

Artists chosen to participate in this portfolio are female printmakers who currently live in, or have lived in the western part of the United States including: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, WA, WY and UT. Through new and old printmaking techniques used to create prints within the exchange, we are able to share and preserve dialogue related to historical and contemporary issues. Concepts within the portfolio range from issues regarding the environment to images of cultural history, politics, religion and community.

Although the Women of the West portfolio encompasses a broad range of conceptual directions, we are able to unify our ideas through a regional and feminine scope. The group of eighteen artists present a breadth of work created by both emerging and established artists; whom display generations of printmakers and women of the west.

Like printmaking, women of the west have a long history of promoting tradition and community. More specifically, they have pushed boundaries, fought for independence, fostered communities and struggled for equality. This is a portfolio inspired by the struggles and triumphs of western women.

Participants: Morgan Anderson, Lisette Chavez
, Sarah Dahlinger
, Abigail Felber, 
Nyla Hurley, 
Katie Killian, 
Joy Mallari, 
Gabriela Martinez, Saegan Moran, 
Maren Munoz, 
Kathryn Polk, 
Coco Rico, 
Michelle Rozic, 
Linda Santana, 
Yoshiko Shimano, 
Cerese Vaden, 
Summer Ventis, and 
Melanie Yazzie.

“Communities: West” Portfolio.
Organisers: Sukha Worob (Bozeman, MT) and Andrew Rice (Salt Lake City, UT).

The goal of the folio is to get a small but diverse sampling of prints from printmakers who live and work in the western part of the United States. The community of printmakers in the West is diverse and this portfolio seeks to increase dialogue and connection within our larger community.

Participants: Nate Abel, Jim Bailey, Sherry Black, Emily Browne, Erik Brunvand, Hunter Buck, Christa Carleton, Lisette Chavez, Katie Christensen, Todd Christensen, Jason Clark, Anna Copeland-Rynders, Elizabeth Dove, Stefanie Dykes, Jill Fitterer, Kevin Haas, Meredith Hendricks, Lorie Hoffman, Gesine Janzen, Eunkang Koh, Monika Meler, Nic Annette Miller, Adam Montoya, Steph Newman, Andy Polk, Kathy Puzey, Andrew Rice, Mark Ritchie, Beth Robinson, Robert Royhl, Aaron Sain, Sara Schleicher, Yoshiko Shimano, Lucia Volker, David Williams, Julie Williams, Sukha Worob, and Melanie Yazzie.