All students pursuing a BFA in Art are required to take the following courses during their first year of studies:

ART 2400 Introduction to Visual Language (Fall) 
This lecture class provides students with a strong initiation to the many facets of art, focusing primarily on the last hundred years. Slides and films supplemented by dialog acquaint students with traditional forms, procedures, and aesthetics existing today within painting, sculpture, crafts, and graphic design. Students become familiar with the faculty, curriculum, and language of the Department.

ARTH 2500 Introduction to Art History (Fall or Spring)
This class introduces the discipline of art history through such defining issues as the respective roles of tradition and innovation in the production and appreciation of art; the relation of art and visual culture to its broader intellectual and historical contexts; the role of display and exchange in creating meaning in art; and the changing concepts of the artist, style, and art itself. Representative examples will be selected from different time periods and geographic areas, according to the instructor’s area of expertise.

Curriculum Exceptions
If you have exceptions to the standard curriculum you would like to make, you must fill out this application, justify your course exceptions (include syllabi, descriptions, etc.), and speak with the area head for your studio art emphasis area. If the emphasis area head signs off on your exception, please bring the completed form to the Department of Art & Art History office in ART 161 to be processed.

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