BFA in Art

All students pursuing a BFA in Art are required to take the following courses during their first year of studies:

ART 2200 (Fall) and ART 2250 (Spring) 
The First Year Studio two-dimensional sequence focuses on the development of representational accuracy, linear perspective and expressive qualities of line, while exploring conceptual ideas in drawing. As the sequence progresses studio problems expand to include a careful study of chiaroscuro, understanding form and space through the visual element of value, and an in-depth study of color theory. Problems are both design-oriented and representational in nature.

ART 2300 (Fall) and ART 2300 (Spring)
The First Year Studio three-dimensional sequence is designed to introduce and familiarize first year art majors with formal 3-D design issues and materials and processes through diverse applications. Studio problems explore the principles of design through the use of line, plane, form, and space. Course projects are designed to provide students with hands on use of materials, tools, construction methods and processes. Students engage in topical discussions, group critiques and begin to establish a personal vocabulary.

ART 2400 Introduction to Visual Language (Fall) 
This lecture class provides students with a strong initiation to the many facets of art, focusing primarily on the last hundred years. Slides and films supplemented by dialog acquaint students with traditional forms, procedures, and aesthetics existing today within painting, sculpture, crafts, and graphic design. Students become familiar with the faculty, curriculum, and language of the Department.

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