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Taft Nicholson Painting Residency, 2019

Taft Nicholson

Congratulations to Kim Martinez's Taft-Nicholson Painting Residency class for putting together an amazing exhibition in Gittins Gallery! In this class, held at the University of Utah's Taft Nicholson Center in Montana, artists were given the opportunity to spend a week learning to paint the landscape while being fully immersed in it. The intensive residency included daily on site plein air painting; talks from esteemed artists, ecologists, and astronomers; and learning about the environment through first hand experience. Each artist exhibited works completed in the field over the course of the residency as well as one piece completed afterwards, reflecting on the experience and knowledge gained in the Centennial Valley.

Participating Artists: Ed Archer, Taylor Ayres, Hannah Christensen, Ali Dunford, Lizzy Gonzalez, Alli Jensen, Brian LaBelle, Emily Mortensen, Lauren Rock, and Tammy Vu

Featured photo by Ali Dunford

At the Taft Nicholson Center in Montana

Photos courtesy of Melissa Parks

Installing the Exhibition

Photos courtesy of Brian LaBelle

In Plein Site Exhibition in Gittins Gallery