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Sustainable Design Exhibition

Sustainable Design Opening, 2018

With the mounting pressures on our planet’s resources along with the adverse effects of climate change, it is critical that conservation efforts through environmentally low impact sustainable and recycling solutions be explored. The recent advancements in fabrication technology provides new platforms for material testing and investigation, which are readily available to support creative inquiries into exploring new sustainable innovations.  To contribute to this critical discourse, this class establishes the first interdisciplinary integrated academic teaching platform between the College of Architecture + Planning and the Department of Art & Art History, to investigate creative sustainable glass and ceramic solutions in Art and Architecture. This seed academic collaboration represents the first phase of a larger effort with the goal of establishing a creative cross-disciplinary sustainable and material recycling center between the two units; providing a nurturing ground for learning, teaching, exchanging ideas, and promoting new creative collaborations.

January 22 - February 9
Gittins Gallery
Sustainable Design Solutions Exhibition Information