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Spatial Perception — Shawn Porter’s TRAX platform project

Spatial Perception, Shawn Porter

Shawn Porter recently completed a piece for Salt Lake City's TRAX line. The sculpture is at the Airport Line platform at 1950 W. North Temple. The artists' motto: "Study and master an interest, then find another. "

A description of the piece by artist Shawn Porter:

"This series of two sculptures reference the Jordan River, Riparian Zones, wetlands and wildlife existing throughout the Salt Lake Valley and near the Salt Lake City International airport. Naturalistic aspects of this work refer to state agencies providing information, regulation and protection of natural resources. 

Two waterway/wildlife representations are repeated at the West end of Winifread station. Formal and conceptual elements refer to modal similarities of streambed and mass-transit in the context of personal and informational transference. This formal construct of line, arc and sphere provide the viewer with a banking river way perspective from end to center and center to end of station platform. representation of reed-grasses generate archways, suggesting mass transit as personal transference through a natural gateway into the capital city."