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Open Call: Please Touch the Art

Open Call Please Touch the Art

The_Openroom x UMOCA

Exhibition: Please Touch the Art
Open Call Guidelines

Deadline: June 7, 2020 11:59 PM

The unspoken “rules” of galleries and museums, such as “please don’t touch the art,” don’t necessarily apply to online platforms and digital spaces. For instance, although we can’t physically “touch” a painting we see on the Internet, we don’t hesitate to copy, manipulate, drag, drop, and distribute what we view online. This embedded interactivity, enhanced by an “anything goes” ethos, has altered the relationship between viewer, artwork, and institution. We recognize the possibilities of this ongoing renegotiation of roles and acknowledge that participation in internet-based culture through networked technologies has changed artistic production, yielding distinctive approaches to art-making.

The Openroom seeks artwork created with a consciousness of the networks in which they exist. We invite artists to submit work that engages with these networks in some way, from conception to production, to dissemination and reception.

Show Description: The work will be exhibited both online via the UMOCA’s website as well as the_openroom’s website. The_openroom’s website is designed to allow viewers to manipulate and reappropriate artists works in an effort to collaborate and make new work. All artwork will stay intact on the exhibition website. This gives a new viewing experience to exhibitions at a museum. Along with this there will be a performance on June 19th with the members of the_openroom and the general public outside in the UMOCA’s courtyard.

Submission Description: The general types of work we are looking for are digital files containing photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, film stills and digitally rendered works. The works medium can be anything as long as eventually it’s submitted digitally.

Accepted file formats and dimension: Files should be submitted as a JPEG with a minimum height of 1200 pixels (4”) and a minimum width of 1200 pixels (4”) at 300DPI. Max file size 500 mb.

Completion Consideration: All works submitted have to be within 5 years.

Sales: Contact information will be taken from each artist upon submission. Digital works will not be available for sale however if interested contact information of the artist in question will be given for original work. Sales will then be handled personally with artist and patron in question without the UMOCA or the_openroom’s interference.

Submissions must include the following information:
Date of creation
Artist Statement: Please submit a 150 – 200 word artist statement along with the submission.

Curators will select artworks based on the artist’s effective adherence to the theme of the exhibition as well as the works contribution to the exhibit as a whole. Acceptances will be finalized by June 24, 2020 and submitters will be notified no later than June 26, 2020.

Rights associate with work: All rights associated with the work will be reserved to the artist. The artist gives permission and grants rights to the UMOCA and the_openroom to photograph, publish, promote, and digitally manipulate all electronic media. As we plan on this exhibition moving to other institutions you grant us the ability to utilize your work for all purposes as described above. By submitting to this open call you agree to all rules and regulations as stated above.

How to Submit: Please submit all works to or for additional questions or information.

Submission Deadline: Works will not be accepted after midnight June 7th, 2020.