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“Mini Series” Student-Run Exhibition Spaces

Mini Series Exhibition

“Mini Series” Student-Run Exhibition Spaces During the Art and Art History SAC open house held last fall, a survey was conducted asking students what changes they would most like to see to the art department. The leading answer we received was a request for more opportunities to exhibit work. Because of the short supply of exhibition space within the art building, SAC proposes three compact exhibition spaces to be placed throughout the building, one per floor, to be used in the art building. These units fill under-utilized spaces and will give students additional opportunities to show work throughout the building.   For the first exhibitions, SAC chose to give the spaces to each student club in the Art & Art History Department for one month. The individual clubs are deciding on the exact works that will be displayed and the curatorial process for displaying these works. After each club has had a month to exhibit their members, SAC will vote on the next phase of exhibitions. Since these are student run gallery spaces, all students have a say in the process. Attending the SAC meetings ensures your voice will be heard.   The first randomly chosen exhibition comes from the Sculpture Club.