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As a creative discipline, Graphic Design is primarily concerned with visual communication. Our responsibility as designers is to determine how to effectively posture messages, and to create expressive and efficient visual systems for the communication of information, especially as it increases in complexity. In order to do this, designers must have a broad base of knowledge, including a comprehensive understanding of visual design principles, problem-solving methods, conceptual thinking, image-making, typography, organizational structures, and critical thinking. Our process-oriented curriculum engages students in the exploration of visual communication strategies and techniques across a variety of media and is designed to prepare students to enter the field as nationally-competitive creative professionals.


We are currently transitioning our curriculum in Graphic Design from the BFA in Studio Art–Graphic Design Emphasis to a 4-year BFA in Graphic Design. This transition will be gradual, with courses being rolled out successively between 2019–2022. These new courses have the DESGR designation.

- New Graphic Design BFA

New students who wish to enroll in the new BFA in Graphic Design program must meet with a College of Fine Arts Advisor to declare the major.

-BFA in Graphic Design Requirements
-First Year Review
-Second Year Review

- Continuing Art BFA / Graphic Design Emphasis

For the 2020/21 academic year, students who are in their Junior or Senior years of Graphic Design studies will continue with their requirements for the BFA in Art / Graphic Design Emphasis. These are students whose expected graduation dates are Spring 2021 (Seniors) and Spring 2022 (Juniors). For specific information about fulfilling requirements, please contact a College of Fine Arts Advisor.

Full-Time Faculty

- Carol Sogard, Professor, Area Head
- Dan Evans, Associate Professor
- Henry Becker, Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty

- Jaimee Christensen
- Kent Christensen
- Shelby Guergis
- Zak Jensen
- Ken Messenger
- Matt Nieuwland
- Kevin Perry
- James Rabdau
- Randall Smith
- Amy Thompson
- Cardon Webb