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Room Schedules

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  • Change the view by clicking on the week tab or the agenda tab found in the upper right corner.
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  • If you want to add the calendar to your University of Utah G Cloud account calendar or personal Google calendar, click the +Google Calendar button in the bottom-right corner.  
For the ART Building  For the SCULPTURE Building
 ART 158 (auditorium)
 ART 169 (seminar room)
 ART 170 (seminar room)
 ART 171 (3D classroom)
 ART 252 (print shop)
 ART 258 (computer classroom)
 ART 273 (classroom)
 ART 342 (studio) [on the bridge]
 ART 352 (studio)
 ART 353 (studio)
 ART 361 (studio)
 ART 362 (studio)
 ART 365 (Owen Reading Room/computer lab)
 SCULPT 178 (studio -sculpture)
 SCULPT 179 (studio -sculpture)
 SCULPT 183 (studio -small metals)
 SCULPT 185 (wood shop)
 SCULPT 187 (studio -handbuild)
 SCULPT 190 (studio -wheel)