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Celine Downen: The Quotidian Details

Céline Downen Quotidian Details

Céline Downen: The Quotidian Details at Finch Lane
June 14 - August 2

Céline Downen’s exhibition The Quotidian Details incorporates textiles, sculpture, and mixed-media installations mainly comprised of found materials compiled from daily life. While speaking of her exhibition, Downen says “Process is an important part of my art. I have tried to look at my daily routine—drive the kids to school, pick them up, Monday swim lessons, Tuesday ukulele, grocery store runs—creatively. My work incorporates materials collected from my surroundings, whether it be my backyard or my laundry room. Inspired by the bower bird, in The Quotidian Details I’ve arranged the byproducts of day-to-day family life, including laundry lint and dryer sheets, eggshells and strawberry sepals, into, I hope, something beautiful and wondrous.”

Downen was awarded her MFA in Community-Based Art Education from the Department of Art & Art History in 2016.