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9th South Roundabout Public Art Opportunity

9th roundabout request for proposals

The Arts Council is pleased to provide an opportunity for artists and artist-led teams to submit qualifications for the 9th South Roundabout Public Art Opportunity, to integrate artwork into the overall renovations of the roundabout. In May 2019, the City began construction of a roundabout in the 9th South & 9th East area of the corridor, at the intersection of Harvey Milk Boulevard (900 South), 1100 East, and Gilmer Drive to calm traffic congestion at the five-way stop. The roundabout features a pre-poured concrete base in its center, six feet in diameter and one foot thick, providing a platform for a public artwork that complements the 9th & 9th neighborhood and the 9-Line Corridor’s overall mission, values, and objectives.

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