Graphic Design

Graphic Design Emphasis
Graphic Design integrates communication in all spheres.  The curriculum emphasizes that all realms of visual communication influence the recipients of a message.  Our responsibility as designers is to determine how to posture a message.  In order to do this, a designer must have a broad base of knowledge, including an understanding of visual problem solving.  Basic concepts must be understood first in order to provide a framework for more complex problems.  This framework is built through the teaching of design principles and elements as a basis for finding order in chaos.  Critical thinking is essential to creating effective visual communication.  This entails a process of distilling the most appropriate solution to a problem.  Solutions take form through determining the most appropriate medium of communication.

Entry into the Graphic Design emphasis area is determined through a portfolio review, which happens in spring semester. Please check back for specific instructions to submit your portfolio for 2018, and download the criteria below.

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