Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Department of Art and Art History offers multiple one-year residential tuition Departmental Scholarships in the amount of $5,000.  Those eligible for the art history scholarship include Utah resident declared art history majors.  Those eligible for studio art scholarships are Utah resident high school students who plan to become art majors, Utah resident art majors currently enrolled at the University and Utah resident transfer students who have declared art as their major.  Students must be registered for at least 12 credit hours a semester and maintain a 3.5 GPA.  All incoming freshmen and transfer students desiring studio art scholarship consideration should submit the Application for Departmental Scholarship with portfolio.  One to three recommendation forms should be sent to the department office by March 1 for high school students submitting portfolios.  (Recommendation forms are recommended, not required).  Apply to the University of Utah by December 1 for scholarship consideration.

Additional awards for the visual arts that are available to continuing art or art history majors currently enrolled at the University include the Antista-Fairclough, E. J. Bird, Carmen Morton Christensen, Howard Clark, Fine Arts Advisory Board, Grace Durkee Meldrum, Ethel Armstrong Rolapp, Jack & Florence Sears, Connie and Gordon Hanks, Thomas and Susan Rugh and Florence Ware.

Faculty selections for art history scholarships are made in March based on the art history major’s letter of intent, a DARS report, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.

Most of the recipients of the studio art awards are selected during a Spring Semester art portfolio review in March.  Portfolios should contain a maximum of ten examples of student work, labeled with name and contact information.  2-D works must be unframed.  Any oversized, heavy, or pieces framed with glass must be submitted in photo or electronic form.  Any digital application should be 72 dpi, jpg, (minimum 7” on long side of image).  Members of the studio faculty examine all art major entries, and make scholarship selections for the following academic year.  Award recipients are notified electronically or by mail.

Questions regarding scholarships can be directed to the Department of Art & Art History.


Scholarship Portfolio Review (for continuing and incoming transfer students)

Entering Freshman Departmental Scholarship Portfolio Review

Departmental Scholarship Application (for entering freshman and incoming tranfer students; department deadline March 1)

Recommendation Form (optional)

Art History Departmental Scholarship